Lather up and Butter it Down

Our mission at APCAD Handmade is that we are dedicated to providing our customers with artisan products that are created and designed handmade. We believe in providing products that are authentic as we are persistent in our creativity and determined to make sure that we provide you with a special and unique product.

Natural soap making began as a hobby for me, I had gotten tired of using chemical products on my skin as well as my children skin which caused dryness and did not provide the proper nourishment for our skin. With continuous research I decided to make my own handmade soap. In the beginning I was quite nervous but I educated myself and got started. The first couple of batches did not turn out very sudsy some quite oily but with experimentation, research, and determination I created some awesome hand made products from soaps to body wash and body butter creams. As with anything you learn through trial and error. The hard work has paid off improved my skin and I have created this shop on Etsy to share these products and look forward to helping you improve your skin. APCAD handmade products will aide in removing eczema, dryness, large pores, and we also have products for anti-aging, inflammation, and oiliness. Love the skin that you're in with APCAD Products!