Lather up and Butter it Down
  • Activated Charcoal Handmade Soap Bars

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    This soap bar absorbs matter and toxins found in the skin. It is used to draw out impurities, heal pimples, and prevent breakouts. Activated charcoal is an anti aging ingredient that helps prevent premature aging and reduces inflammation. The tea tree oil helps to remove bacteria and decrease oil as well as aid in pore shrinking. The rosehip oil is an anti aging skin replenisher.

    This Activated Charcoal handmade soap is a number 1 selling soap. This charcoal soap contains activated charcoal in addition to a combination of essential oils wonderful for any skin type, not drying just soothing. Makes a wonderful facial soap and a great all over body bar.

    This product is all natural without parabens, mineral oil,it is soy free and vegan , and is detergent free.

    Ingredients: olive oil coconut oil activated charcoal essential oils 

    Can be used for the face and body.

    Each bar is approximately 4oz